Warm Up Event—Open Showcase

Come savor a variety of short improvisational pieces.

Free Event

Time: 11/02 Sat. & 11/03 Sun. (14:30)
Venue: Songyan Creative Lab (East Tobacco Factory 2F)

Open JAM

A grand Jam party to free your bodies and all possibilities of communication.

Free event

Time:11/3 Sun. 18:30 
Songyan Creative LAB (East Tobacco Factory 2F)

Workshop: Improvisation Dance Workshops

Five different ways of approaching body, movement, space and one another, presented by the festival's international guests from Germany, UK, US, HK and US/Taiwan.

Time: 11/04 Mon. ~ 11/09 Sat.
Venue: Art Space 71

Workshop I: The Unrepeatable Moment by Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser (US)
11/4 Mon. (10:00~13:00 & 14:00~17:00); 11/7 Tue. & 11/9 Sat. (10:00~13:00)

Where am I when I am dancing? Who and what am I in dialogue with? How do I make creative and sensitive choices in relation to myself, others and my surroundings? This workshop is for those who wish to immerse themselves in the practice of learning, making and exploring improvisational dance and contact improvisation. Drawing on our many years of performing and teaching, we will offer specific compositional and technical exercises that are designed to support embodied dancing, witnessing, compositional awareness and choice making. We will consider how action, perception and imagination are at play as we explore our poetic sensibilities through movement and touch.

Workshop II: Wide Open Dancing: The Feldenkrais Method and Contact Improvisation by Thomas Kampe (UK)
11/05 Tue. & 11/06 Wed. (10:00~13:00)

In these classes we will draw on gentle and playful learning processes based on The Feldenkrais Method® to support our shared dance practice. We will focus on developing an increased and fluid coordination of our core, and on fine-tuning our ability to relate creatively to our living environment. The Feldenkrais Method makes use of two approaches, ‘Awareness through Movement®’(ATM) and ‘Functional Integration®’(FI) to facilitate conditions from which ‘awareness’ and possibilities for new ways of moving can be cultivated. This is achieved through non-corrective, pleasurable and structured inquiries in empathic, improvisational dialogues.

Workshop III: In Contact with Breath (11/05) & Organic Movement and Transformation Training (11/07) by Victor Ma & Mandy Yim (HK)
11/05 Tue. & 11/07 Thu. (14:00~17:00)

“In Contact with Breath” will guide the participants to re-discover the body and develop body language through the training in breath. It focuses on using breath as means of communication, expression and creativity, so to perform contact improvisation. “Organic Movement and Transformation Training (OMTT)” is developed by Victor Ma with the assistance by Mandy Yim. It starts from listening and exploring the body. With observation and imagination, participants develop and accumulate movement vocabulary. OMTT encourages participants to integrate life, dance and different artistic media. It leads participants to explore body potentials, develop body movement and extend performance ability, enhancing one’s creativity and improvisation.

Workshop IV: Form No Form by Peiling Kao (US/TW)
11/06 Wed. & 11/08 Fri. (14:00~17:00)

This workshop is for improvisors who are curious about moving and thinking body. Participants will explore improvisation approaches, devices, elements, exercises, and implications that I have learned and valued in my years of improvisation practice. Through these given forms, we raise questions: What is improvisation? What do we know? What does our body remember? The participant will dive into deeper dialogues on moving and thinking, tracking inner monologues, and expanding the perceptual awareness of their improvisation practices.

Workshop V: With All Senses by Henrietta Horn (DE)
11/08 Fri. (10:00~13:00) & 11/09 Sat. (14:00~17:00)

Perception and interaction are the main topics in the workshop “with all senses”. Starting with basic tasks the participants will deal with intuitive action/reaction and the perception of the “now”. “With all senses” we will search for our own and the foreign being in the context of space and time.

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Special Feature Workshops 
Venue: Art Space 71

Topic I: The Feldenkrais Method: Walking with Ease by Thomas Kampe
11/3 Sun. (14:00~17:00)

In this workshop we will use Feldenkrais ‘Awareness Through Movement’® lessons to explore comfortable ways of finding our natural uprightness, mobility and ease in standing and walking. The gentle lessons will be explored while lying on the floor and in standing and are concerned with activating coordination, flow and whole-body connections in action. The Feldenkrais Method uses movement, sensation and experience as organic learning tools. In playful ways, it aims to facilitate conditions from which awareness and possibilities for new ways of moving and improved functioning can be cultivated. This is achieved through non-corrective, pleasurable and structured inquiries designed to stimulate curiosity and self-directed learning.

 Feldenkrais Workshop Registration Here 

Topic II: Improvisation for the Youth by Yen-fang Yu
11/10 Sat. (14:00~17:00)

This workshop is specially designed for young dance students. It provides them a further understanding about improvisation dance and contact improvisation, extending their daily dance practice through the exploration of a different body movement approach.

Teenager Improvisation Workshop Registration Here  

Performance: Spectrum of Dance Improvisation

Five shows of dance and music improvisation, with unprecedented lineups of performers.

Time:11/6 Wed.~11/9 Sat. 19:45,11/10 Sun. 17:00
Venue: Songyan Creative LAB(East Tobacco Factory 2F)




11/6 Wed.


DE / Henrietta Horn 

HK / Victor Ma & Mandy Yim 

TW / Wei-chia Su


11/7 Thu.


US / electroViolet

TW /  Alex Chen & Dancers

DE / Henrietta Horn 


11/8 Fri.


TW / Mei Li & Yi-Chi Lin

US / Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser 

TW / Ming-Shen Ku


11/9 Sat.


HK / Victor Ma & Mandy Yim 

TW / Wei-chia Su

TW / Magic moments of babies & moms


11/10 Sun.


US /Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser

US / electroViolet


 *Post-show talk for the first four shows

・NT$800 per show, 25% off for Early bird

[All You Can Watch Personal Pass]: NT$2400, NT$2000 for Early bird. (For admittance to all shows and idt2019 special souvenir)

[Student Discount]: NT$400 per show, please show student ID while entering

・Early bird period:7/1-7/31 * Personal Pass purchase, please contact us for details 02-2892-3600

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Round Table Discussion 

UNDERCURRENT - the Improvisation Phenomena in Contemporary Dance.

Together with special guest moderator, Dr. Chiayi Seetoo, the festival's artists will share experiences and brainstorm ideas on the subject, followed by Q & A.

Free event

Time:11/10 Sun. 10:30 
Venue: Songyan Creative LAB(East Tobacco Factory 2F)